International Nursing Day

Dear friends, today is International Nursing Day and we extend our sincere congratulations to all nurses and technicians.
2020 has been declared the Year of Nurse and Midwife by the World Health Organization, and 2021 the International Year of Health and Care workers.
We have never been more aware of the importance and need for nurses than in the most difficult moments of a pandemic that has hit the world. We believe that today we all appreciate the work and sacrifice of the medical staff even more, and especially the nurses and technicians that endured during the coronavirus pandemic, and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts for always being there for us.
We also extend our sincere congratulations to the head nurses of the Department of Hematology of University Hospital Centre Zagreb, Ms. Vesna Družinić, University Hospital Merkur, Ms. Ljiljana Pomper and University Hospital Dubrava, Ms. Suzana Ivoš, who officially registered the association KroMreža – association of hematological nurses and technicians.
Hematology departments are particularly vulnerable in these moments of a pandemic, and the challenges faced by medical staff daily to provide health and safety to patients make them true heroes, and we believe that establishing a professional health and safety association which can further improve the rights of nurses and technicians.
Once again, we congratulate all medical staff, nurses and technicians, and especially the nurses in all hematology departments in the Republic of Croatia, and thank them for everything they do for all of us!

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