Ivan Goran Kovačić Association, the popular GORANOVCI, celebrates 60th anniversary with great concert

The Student Cultural and Artistic Association (SCAA) “Ivan Goran Kovačić” marked its 60th anniversary with a great concert yesterday, in which part of the proceeds benefitted the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

The Student Cultural and Artistic Association (SCAA) Ivan Goran Kovačić was established in 1948 within the frame of the University of Zagreb.
Today’s generation of GORANOVCI actively participate in one of the following sections: Academic Choir, Folklore Ensemble, Male Vocal Ensemble, Academic Harmonic Orchestra, Student Theater and the International Folklore Group which is a recreational group. The Association was the founder and organizer of the literary event, Goranovo Proljece (Goran’s Spring).
For the last 60 years the Association has constantly been expanding its activities, it has established new sections and prepared more and more demanding programs. The Association continues to attract new members, all the while keeping all its former members and supporters close, and therefore making “Goran” a great family of valuable creators who have carried the torch of Croatian art and culture around Europe, as well as all the way to China, Korea, USA, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The Association has always been open for creative young people who wanted to express their creativity while socializing with other like-minded people. Therefore, new sections would often be launched and continued existing for as long there was interest in keeping them alive. We will mention just a few of those sections: Literary Club, Opera da Camera, Group for Social Sport Dancing, Fine Arts Club, a variety of forums, etc.

The amazing concert that was held on November 15th in Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall featured:
• Academic Choir
• Academic Harmonic Orchestra
• Folklore Ensemble
• Goran’s Spring
• International Folklore Group
• Male Vocal Ensemble
• Student Theater
and guests:
Arsen Dedić, Josipa Lisac, Ivana Kindl, Stjepan Mihaljinec, Carmen Stepić, Symphony Orchestra of Croatian Radio and Television, the “Bećarine” group of the Tena Culture and Arts Society from Đakovo, as well as the Cinkuši Folklore Ensemble, under the direction of Luka Vukšić, Ozren Bogdanović, Gordana Šuštić, Nikša Radovanović

We are sincerely grateful to all the dear members of the Goran Association, including the president of the Association, Mr. Luka Šulentić. Once again we take this opportunity to congratulate them on the amazing occasion which was marked by this exceptional concert. We would also like to thank all the guests who made this concert more special with their performances, as well as Pliva for the generous donation of 200,000 Kuna, and the sponsors of the concert, the Minister of Science, Education and Sports; the media sponsor, Večernji List; the concert organizers and all the other sponsors; the audience who helped the work of the Foundation by purchasing tickets or by calling the humanitarian phone number. Thank you also to HRT for broadcasting this concert and Lejdi Oreb, the hostess of this spectacle.
We sincerely thank you with all our heart!

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