Jasenko Houra’s New Year gift

During the humanitarian concert on our main square, Jasenko Houra said he disclaimed all his songs profit in favour of Ana Rukavina Foundation. ‘Ruža Hrvatska’ for Ana Rukavina

The well-known Prljavo Kazalište member Jasenko Houra Jajo disclaimed his rights to his greatest hit songs profit in favour of Ana Rukavina Foundation, named after the journalist who died of leukaemia when she was only 29.

It has been announced on www.javno.com that all the profit from hit songs ‘Ruža Hrvatska’, ‘Marina’, ‘Heroj ulice’, as well as ‘Mi plešemo’ and ‘Crno-bijeli svijet’ will be donated to I WANT LIFE Foundation, whose final aim is to found an organic blood cells bank.

– Prljavo Kazalište band wanted to perform on this humanitarian concert of the Foundation which took place recently, but we had a gig in Dubrovnik at the same time which was part of FREE CROATIA OF MINES programme. I’ve heard through the media for early deceased Ana’s struggle and her noble action. This is my New Year gift to the Croatian citizens – Jasenko Houra said for javno.com. Marija Rukavina, deceased Ana’s mother was especially touched by this.

– I can’t find the words to express my thanks to Jasenko Houra. The information was confirmed to me from the Foundation. He gave the most he could for the Register and the future of organic cells bank. Houra is a great man indeed. I believe there are others who will follow in his steps. Unfortunately, my child cannot be helped anymore, but one day this will surely help many other people – Marija Rukavina, Ana’s mother, said, deeply touched by this gesture. (…)

Written by Marijana Sever (Jutarnji.hr)
Photo: Srđan Vrančić

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