Križ – Action to join the Registry

The Women’s Hands Association organized an action in Križ in which 50 new potential bone marrow and stem cell donors joined the Registry and gave blood samples for tissue typing!
Our kind hosts and organizers of the action in beautiful Križ, Mrs. Ivana Smolec Krivec, President of the Association, and the other members of the Association, organized a wonderful event in which 50 new potential bone marrow and stem cell donors gave blood samples for tissue typing. The event was covered by all the local media.

The Women’s Hands Association was established with the aim to empower women through the promotion of women’s human rights, team work, cooperation, enforcing the policy of gender equality, as well as public work. The Association’s work is based on the principles of respecting different opinions, thoughts and ideas, freedom of choice, independence of organization at work, openness and democracy of thought, as well as the responsibility of every individual and organization for their work. The Association has about 30 active female members and one male member.

The goals of the WOMEN’S HANDS Association are to empower the women’s movement; promote women’s rights, entrepreneurship and creativity; advise and educate women; participate in humanitarian actions; organize public activities in order to improve the status of women in the family and society; take an active role in achieving educational, social, cultural and other interests of all the interested parties; interact and collaborate with other similar organizations in Croatia and the world; and contribute to the realization of a modern, free, democratic, plural, tolerant and non-violent society.

In order to achieve their goals, the WOMEN’S HANDS Association will organize scientific, professional and social gatherings, public lectures, exhibitions, promotional events, concerts featuring the Association’s members, humanitarian actions and raffles. In accordance with the Statute of the Association, we will hold public presentations and seminars, educational trainings, raise funds for the Association’s activities, establish ties with institutions of civil society, issue publications pertaining to the different areas of the Association’s activities, organize professional and themed excursions, as well as continued education for the members and any other activity aimed at achieving the Association’s goals.
We are extremely grateful to the kind hosts and all the donors who joined us and added their names to the Registry. We hope to see you again in Križ.

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