Lika Cave trekk – Sportsko-humanitarna manifestacija

Dear friends, with a special joy and pride we announce you cooperation of Ana Rukavina Foundation and Cave Park Grabovača, regarding sports and humanitarian manifestation “Lika Cave trekk”.

Ana Rukavina Foundation joined with Public institution for managing geomorphological monuments of nature “Cave Park Grabovača” that organizes the first “Lika Cave trekk” on July 23rd, 2016 in Perušić in cooperation with WWF Adria and Zagrebian team – founders of trekking league in Croatia.
The goal of this cooperation is drawing public’s attention to the importance of a healthy lifestyle, humanitarian acting of every individual toward the ones that need it the most, and acknowledging nature as man’s best friend.

Employees of “Cave Park Grabovača” emphasize the fact that our Ana, whose parents are from Perušić – with her will to live and her vision to help the sick ones in their fight for life – obliged them to persevere making the public aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle, helping each other and preserving the natural heritage, a gift that was left to us with a responsibility to use it properly.

Public Institution “Cave Park Grabovača” is the only cave park in Croatia. The goal and the activities of the institution are preserving the geoheritage that is abundant in Perušić county (over 40 speleological sites), popularization of geoheritage, and sustainable development of tourism with an emphasis on geotourism.

WWF Adria, as an international organization for protecting nature, whose goal is to preserve biodiversity and finding practical solutions for a healthy planet, is a partner in this project and wishes to draw public’s attention to problems that nature encounters. Because, let’s not forget, nature can survive without man, but man cannot survive without nature.

Therefore, cooperation of “Cave Park Grabovača”, Ana Rukavina Foundation, WWF Adria, and team that promotes healthy lifestyle through running, was formed with the purpose of organizing this manifestation in the following years as well.

Everyone interested in participating in this sports and humanitarian competition can contact Cave Park Grabovača for more information.

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