New location for the Ana Rukavina Foundation

The Government of the Republic of Croatia has decided to grant the use of office space to the Ana Rukavina Foundation!

Since the establishment of the Ana Rukavina Foundation two years ago we have been working as “tenants” in a scanty space that was lent to us by the kind people at the Croatian Leukemia and Lymphoma Association. Today we are celebrating as we have found a new location for our Foundation.

The new office is located at Kneza Mislava 10. We will be sharing this space with the Croatian Society for the Prevention of Strokes.
We would like to thank the Government of the Republic of Croatia, especially the State Secretary and President of the HDZ Women’s Association “Katarina Zrinkska”, Mrs. Bianca Matković, for the great help they have given to our Foundation. We have promised that we will work harder and better in order that the national Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors and the cord blood bank will be able to help those suffering from leukemia and lymphoma to find possible donors.

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