Pre-Christmas Concert for Ana Rukavina Announced

The Ana Rukavina Foundation will mark the passing of another year without Ana, but her spirit will live on through everyone that comes to Ban Jelačić Square on December 15 at 8 PM to enjoy the humanitarian concert that will feature: Marija and Ivana Husar, Antonija Šola, Jacques Houdek, Bojan Jambrošić, Davorin Bogović, Kaliopi, Žanamari, Jelena Radan, Meritas, Franka Batelić, Ivana Kindl, Luka Nižetić, Connect, Bojana Gregorić Vejzović, Ana Vilenica, Sandra Bagarić, Martina Tomčić, Goran Navojec…

“Another year has passed without Ana with us, but we continue to pursue her mission – to expand the Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors and to join the Cord Blood Bank, as well as the most important mission: to give those suffering from leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma a second chance at life. Ana continues to live through each of us, and the two lives that were saved this year as a result of the activities the Foundation has performed over the past three years of its existence, are the best praise of the Foundation’s work,” said Marija Rukavina, director of the Foundation, on the occasion of the sale of the Foundation’s promotional materials on Cvjetni Trg (Flower Square).

Today, on the occasion of the sale of promotional materials on Cvjetni Trg, the Foundation’s representatives are joined by a number of well known public figures: presidential candidate Nadan Vidošević, Tihomir Ladišić, Danira Bilić, Zoran Vakula, Mirna Zidarić, Nevena Rendeli, Krunoslav Borovec, Ana Sršen, Katarina Periša Čakarun, Zoran Šprajc, Marko Tolja, Marijana Batinić, Duško Modrinić and many others.

By purchasing the promotional items, the citizens of Zagreb have shown that they recognize the true value the Ana Rukavina Foundation fosters.

Marija Rukavina has invited all of the citizens of Zagreb and their guests to come to the concert on Ban Jelačić Square on December 15 at 8 PM. Those people that are not able to join us can enjoy the concert on channel 2 of Croatian Television. You can also call 060 9005 to make a donation to support the continued work of the Foundation.

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