Sample collection at Cvjetni Square

The first action of blood sample collection for the typisation and inclusion of citizens into the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors.

Ana’s friend Lana asked her colleagues from the Croatian Society of Dramatic Artists (HDDU) to come and help inform the citizens of what it means to be a voluntary bone marrow donor. It is incredible with how much energy and fervor, how much love in their hearts does everyone want to help and be included in this action.

Come to the Cvjetni Square tomorrow. Drink your coffee. Buy a badge… at the price you determine. Become a potential bone marrow donor.

The actors who will come and help us at the Cvjetni Square:

  • Kristina Krepela
  • Filip Šovagović
  • Željko Vukmirica
  • Damir Markovina
  • Bojan Navojec
  • Mislav Čavajda
  • Jelena Perčin
  • Sven Medvešek
  • Dora Lipovčan
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