Band Aid – ‘I WANT LIFE’

Most radio stations will play Band Aid song I WANT LIFE in the following few days; music and text was written by a wonderful lady Maja Rogić; arrangement was made by Igor Ivanović.

You will soon have an opportunity to see also the spot an most television stations.

I just want to tell you how the song came about… because it is also a part of the magic…

Medo, Ana’s friend talked with her in the morning in the hospital. Later on he talked also with Mirta and Nataša so they agreed to make a biiiig concert on the Square. Medo called the wonderful Ms. Maja Rogić whom he had met on a completely different occasion and told her all about it. Ms. Maja wrote the lyrics on her way home on the tram. Music followed. Demo was finished in just one night. It happened on Tuesday, November 21st, 2006. Soon afterwards with wholehearted help of numerous people from Narodni radio, dear performers who volunteered to participate, as well as HIT RECORDS, did this final song version come about.

Band aid – „I want life”Massimo – Nina Badrić – Aki Rahimovski – Crvena jabuka – Ivana i Marija Husar – Dino Dvornik – ET – Lana – Jelena Radan – Igor Ivanović – Hari Rončević – Raspashow – Jelena Domazet


On this river of life
so many delicate little drops
But on her way to skies above
Into vapour the river turns

When you look from the distance
they all seem the same
but each has a face
and each has a name

And each has a heart
which beats with love
and aspires for heavens
when hell takes its hold

And each shines out
with eternal gloss
Without these little drops
the river is at loss

And that’s why
we are here together
like a huge warm hand
A tiny ray of hope
on this anxious night
hoping morn will come

I want life
and I know there is no price for it
But I believe
when good gets through
one right move
one right moment
can undo this cruel twist of fate
and save someone’s kid,
someone’s mother, father or wife

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