Šibenik comprehensive school students gave “Antun” award for the fifth time!

Fantastic students of Šibenik comprehensive school have collected 15000 kuna for the Foundation as a part of awarding the prize ‘Antun’!

For five years in a row Šibenik comprehensive school “Antun Vrančić” organized a ceremonial awarding of the prize “Antun” to the best students and teachers – completely arranged by students. The prizes were awarded in brimming Šibenik theatre; flute player Ana Batinica performed in the music part of the celebration, accompanied by a pianist, prof. Gordana Pavić, Lvky and vocal group Iskon, female vocal group Gimnazijalke, Hari Rončević and Arsen Dedić who was awarded the prize as a famous comprehensive school student.

The students had a poll, selecting the best students and teachers. Senior student Toni Skorić had the most reason for celebration, as he was awarded “Antun” in three categories, while lifetime work prize was awarded to prof. Svetin Budimir.

Comprehensive school teacher Ivo Brešan appeared as a presenter, awarding the prize to Arsen Dedić and remembering the first common gatherings in the Gymnasium and cooperation in the creation of school operetta, as well as his literary work for Šibenska revija magazine.

Humanitarian part of this appraised manifestation was dedicated to our Ana; all revenue from the sales of student pictures and photos named “Man and the Sea”, exhibited in St. Krševan (15.000 kn) was paid on the Foundation account. The head of the school prof. Ivanica Belamarić pointed out that it was the idea of the students who expressed dedication to Ana’s noble idea in this way. All nominated students and teachers and program animators wore Foundation badges during the show; the audience were given info brochures about the Foundation.

We cordially thank all those who participated in organization of this brilliant action!

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