The action at Luka Sesvete Primary School ends

The action by the teachers and pupils at Luka Sesvete Primary School has come to an end. They raised 10,420 kuna by selling the Foundation’s promotional materials!

Ms. Vlada Jagatić, class mistress of the 6th grade class, and Ms. Lana Duka Zupanc, class mistress of the 8th grade class, carried out a very successful educational-sales action at the LUKA SESVETE Primary School. The action took place from April 11th-15th, and in addition to the teachers and the pupils in the abovementioned classes, the teachers and pupils in the rest of the classes at Luka Sesvete Primary School also participated.

At yesterday’s student council meeting, the principal of the school, Ms. Marina Sabolović, handed the director of the Foundation a total of 10,420 kuna, which was raised during the action of selling the Foundation’s promotional materials. Mrs. Rukavina was sincerely touched and thanked the pupils and teachers, emphasizing the great importance of educating young people, who in the future will be the potential stem cell and bone marrow donors.

The funds raised will be used toward HLA tissue typing blood samples from potential donors.

We would like to thank all the pupils, teachers and the principal for organizing these actions and for the gathering they organized in their wonderful school.

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