Action by the pupils of the Luka Primary School in Sesvete for the Ana Rukavina Foundation

The pupils of the Luka Primary School in Sesvete have again this year organized an educational-humanitarian action for the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

The action has been organized by two different grades: the 6th grade class with their teacher Vlada Jagatić, and the 8th grade class with their teacher Lana Duka Zupanc, along with the support of the headmistress Marina Sabolović, as well as all the other pupils, teachers and parents. The action will be held at the Luka Primary School in Sesvete from April 11th – 15th.

The humanitarian action by the pupils and teachers is extremely important, both in terms of its informational-educational aspect, as well as for raising funds by way of selling the Foundation’s promotional materials. The proceeds of this action will be used to continue the process of HLA tissue typing of blood samples from potential stem cell donors.

We recall that in 2009 Vlada Jagatić and her 8th grade class organized a humanitarian action at the school which was exceptionally well visited and supported by the parents and pupils. On that occasion, more than 15 thousand kuna was raised, which enabled the tissue typing of 15 potential donors.

We are pleased that we can repay one good deed with another and thank the organizers of this and similar actions with concrete results; and that is the fact that nine lives have been saved thanks to the stem cell donors listed in the Croatian Registry.

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