The Forum of Women of Kutina has organized the humanitarian action “I want life”

On the occasion of the Battle Against Cancer Day, the Forum of Women of Kutina has organized the humanitarian action “I want life”.

The event was held from 9 AM to 1 PM in front of the department store. With each purchase of the Foundation’s promotional materials, the citizens contributed to the expansion of the Registry that was started by Ana Rukavina. At the same time, she also started a wave of feelings of humanity and solidarity in every person, for the benefit of generations to come.

At 7 PM in the Arcus Club, a presentation was given by Dr. Miranda Mrsić, the medical director of the Foundation, on the theme “The Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors and the cord blood bank”. This presentation not only informed the public, but was also a reminder of Ana Rukavina. The young Zagreb journalist, in a fight for life against this dangerous sickness, opened a new page in the approach to patients with leukemia, lymphoma and other similar diseases. “After her death, nothing has been the same, which is best illustrated by the number of registered bone marrow donors. In the ten years prior to her death there were 156 donors, and in the last two years, 33,000 donors have been registered,” said Dr. Mrsić, the medical director of the Foundation, who took this opportunity to talk about the Foundation’s current actions around Croatia.

The humanitarian action “I want life” has been organized by the Forum of Women of Kutina for the past two years. They have collected a total of 5000 Kuna from the sale of promotional materials and pictures by painter Ivan Milat, who has painted Ana’s portrait and has given it to the Foundation as a gift. The funds that have been raised are allocated for tissue typing blood samples. The mayor of Kutina, Davor Žmegač, also attended the presentation. Musical accompaniment was provided by the women’s singing group, Cantilena, while the students of the Technical School read Ana’s letter.

Source: Online News, City of Kutina, 20.11.2008

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