The “I Want Life” concert of the Ana Rukavina Foundation and Nova TV reunited Croatia: more than one million kunas raised

The traditional 16th Christmas concert “I want life” reunited the citizens of Croatia. During the broadcast of the music event on the Nova TV program and the online platforms of Nova TV, citizens collected HRK 935,960.00 through their calls and HRK 82,404.33 in donations via the KEKS Pay application for the further work of the Foundation. Severina, Petar Grašo, Nina Badrić, Psihomodo Pop, and Sanja, Marinko, and Zec increased the noble action and encouraged the viewers to donate 5 kunas (plus VAT) through the charity number 060 9000.
The Christmas concert is the culmination of the commendable “I Want Life” campaign, which continues to raise funds for further expansion of the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry and the professional development of young doctors in hematology and other related specializations.
Last night’s concert is a gift to the citizens of Croatia, and also thanks to all those who supported and contributed to the charitable activities of the Foundation, remembering the premature departure of Ana Rukavina, a young journalist whose name the Foundation bears.

“This year we are celebrating 15 years since Ana united the whole of Croatia with her desire to save her own life and lives of those who fought together with her at the time. Each the smallest donation means a lot to us because we know that we are in a difficult period, and we are infinitely grateful that people have given us their trust this year because they know and believe that we will redirect funds to those who need our help. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart “, said Marija Rukavina, director of the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

“Thank you to all our viewers for uniting once again and helping those who need our help the most. The concert I Want Life and cooperation with the praiseworthy Ana Rukavina Foundation is the flagship of socially responsible projects of Nova TV, through which our community brings benefit to society from year to year. Thank you to all the participants in this project, we are extremely proud of everything we have achieved together,” said Dražen Mavrić, President of the Management Board of Nova TV.

The Ana Rukavina Foundation is an endless source of hope for 145 patients. The persistent work and commitment of the Foundation enabled the expansion of the Croatian Boe Marrow Donor Registry Register and the establishment of the Public Cord Blood Bank Ana Rukavina within University Hospital Centre Zagreb, which has given 145 people hope for healing. Thanks to the hard and dedicated work of the Foundation, more than 61,500 potential donors of hematopoietic stem cells have been registered in the Croatian Registry since the beginning of the Ana Rukavina Foundation and more than 440 actions have been organized in more than 150 cities and towns in Croatia. According to the 2014 World Marrow Donor Association, Croatia ranks 11th in the world in terms of the number of potential donors per 10,000 inhabitants and 8th in the world in terms of the number of donated umbilical cord blood per 10,000 inhabitants. As a pledge for the future, the Foundation provided professional training to young doctors and so far seven doctors from the Republic of Croatia have had the opportunity to develop in the world’s best clinics in hematology and pediatrics to return to help patients in their homeland.
Calls to the charity number 060 9000 provided by Hrvatski Telekom are open until the end of December. The price of the call is 5 kunas plus VAT.
Donations are also possible via the Erste Bank KEKS pay application with free download without fees, regardless of which bank you are in.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for each of your donations.

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