The Open Hearts Day was held in memory of our Ana

Dear friends, today was held the 7th Open Hearts Day in memory of our Ana and twelve years since her early departure.

Ana left us a noble mission to give our best to have as few “little bald heads” as possible in the hospitals, and the Open Hearts Day was held for 104 new potential bone marrow donors to help ensure Ana’s mission and dream.

On the occasion of Open Heart Days, Ana Rukavina Foundation presented the results of the public tender which will enable 12 months of professional training to the selected physician, dr. Barbara Dreta, at Georgetown University in Washington DC, USA, and a donation of 1,500 HLA typing tests to University Hospital Centre Zagreb.

During the Open Heart Days held at the premises of the Foundation, representatives of the Croatian Army, Director of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Croatia, Deputy Commander Robert Hranj and members of the Croatian Army Jazz Orchestra led by Major Davor Dropuljić handed over to the manager of the Ana Rukavina Foundation Marija Rukavina check in the amount of 30,600HRK which were gathered by ticket sales for the Croatian Army Jazz Orchestra Concert held on Monday, 19 November 2018 at the Concert Hall of Vatroslav Lisinski.

During this traditional action, all interested citizens could get acquainted with the work of the Foundation and the importance of enrolling in the Croatian Register. Future mothers learned more detailed information about the operation of the Ana Rukavina public blood bank and the donation of umbilical stem cells.

We sincerely thank all who supported the Open Heart Day to recall Ana and help us achieve her dream; our media partner Nova TV, as well as all other support from media representatives, Madison agency, Croatian Army and Jazz Orchestra of the Croatian Army, Gastro Globus, McDonald’s, Carlsberg, Jamnica, volunteers – Manuela, Mia, Tea, Lucija, Mirna, Ana Marija, Nina, Matea, Nikolina, Kristina, Hrvojka, Josip, Dominik, Mario, Karlo and the dear friends of the Foundation who were all available to us all day, as well to all of you our dear potential donors who have taken your time to do good and help others.

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