The Open Hearts Day was held in memory of our Ana

Dear friends, today was held the 6th Open Hearts Day in memory of our Ana and eleven years since her early departure.

Ana left us a noble mission to give our best to have as few “little bald heads” as possible in the hospitals, and the Open Hearts Day was held for 59 new potential bone marrow donors to help ensure Ana’s mission and dream.

During the Open Hearts Day held on November 24 in the premises of the Foundation, the rock group Psihomodo Pop also contributed to the anniversary of the work of Ana Rukavina Foundation.

Open Hearts Day was also supported by members of the “Zagrepčanke i dečki” dance music group who dedicated their song to Ana, which carries the name of this traditional action in memory of Ana’s early departure.

During this traditional action, all interested citizens could get acquainted with the work of the Foundation and the importance of enrolling in the Croatian Registry. Future mothers have found out more detailed information on the operation of the Ana Rukavina umbilical cord blood bank and the donation of umbilical stem cells.

“We are happy because young people enter the Croatian Registry and want to help. Thanks to them, the Croatian Registry now counts more than 55,000 potential donors, and 78 of them have donated their bone marrow to help the sick people in Croatia and abroad. Our Ana would be proud of all these good people and endlessly happy for all the lives they have saved, “said Mrs. Marija Rukavina, the Foundation’s manager.

We sincerely thank all who supported the Open Hearts Day in order to recall Ana and help us achieve her dream; our media partner Nova TV, Antena Zagreb as well as all other radio stations on media announcements, ZAMP, Psihomodo Pop, Gastro Globus on donation of sweets for our guests, volunteers – Manuela, Mia, Tea, Ivona, Kristina and Josip and all the dear friends of the Foundation who were all available to us all day, Ana’s beloved medical staff Dijana and Dženana, our beloved Ankica Begić at the delicious rolls, the Bosnian-Croatian Association “Prsten” for support and visit, the “Zagrepčanke i dečki” wonderful performance, and representatives of University Hospital Center Zagreb, who were available for all medical inquiries and to all of you, our dear potential donors who have taken your time to do good and help others.

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