The results of the public tender

Steering Committee of Ana Rukavina Foundation has decided that it will allocate the resources for professional training to the candidate Barbara Dreta, a hematology resident from the Clinical Hospital Center Zagreb.

Foundation’s Steering Committee has selected Dr. Dreta on the proposal of Academic Council composed of prof. dr. sc. Boris Labar, prof. dr. sc. Ivan Đikić, prof. Steven Živko Pavletić, prof. dr. sc. Srđan Verstovšek, and prof. Mirando Mrsić, Ph.D. (the president of the council).

Dr. Dreta fulfilled all the requirements of the competition and the opinion of the Foundation’s Trust Council is that it is an excellent candidate who will get an exceptional opportunity for a one year long professional training at the prestigious Georgetown University with the mentoring of the world’s leading experts in hematology and adopting the applied knowledge in Croatia.

We sincerely congratulate Barbara Dreta for a great opportunity which will enable her to provide better quality health care for the sick people in Croatia.


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