Action to join the Croatian Registry in Novi Jelkovec

Dear friends, Ana Rukavina Foundation will hold an action of enrollment in the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry in Zagreb on Tuesday, October 2, in cooperation with Mr. Ramiz Ajdin and the Council of the Roma National Minority of the City of Zagreb with the support of the Novi Jelkovec Committee. The action will take place in the Novi Jelkovec settlement on the premises of the Novi Jelkovec Committee (Sesvete, Ljudevita Posavskog 25), from 6 pm to 8 pm.
This activity of enrollment in the Croatian Registry Ana Rukavina Foundation is organizing by the initiative of Mr. Ramiz Ajdin in order to help the ill people in Croatia and the world who are in need of bone marrow transplantation for further treatment.
The special emphasis of this action is on assisting children of Roma origin who seek their matching donor because bone marrow donors are easier to find among the same ethnic group.

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