Third press conference of Ana Rukavina Foundation

We held our third press conference where we announced the campaign in all National theatres in Croatia and reported about our progress

Croatian National Theaters in joint action for Ana Rukavina Foundation

Croatian National Theaters of Zagreb, Split, Rijeka, Varaždin and Osijek joined the humanitarian campaign of Ana Rukavina Foundation which has a goal to expand the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors and establish a cord blood bank. On Wednesday, February 21st 2007 theaters in listed towns will present the latest shows and all income from ticket sale will be paid to the Ana Rukavina Foundation’s bank account.

Ballet “Sleeping Beauty” will be performed in Zagreb Croatian National Theatre beginning at 19:30.At the same time in Varaždin Croatian National Theatre vaudeville show «La puce a l’oreille” will take place. Split National Theatre will have two shows: play “French woman” at 19 and “Billie Holiday” at 21 h. Croatian National Theatre of Ivan pl. Zajec in Rijeka will join the campaign by play “Kazimir and Karolina” , which will be performed at 19:30 while Osijek National Theatre will have the latest hit show “Chaos behind the scenes” at 7 p.m.”
In the premises of Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb a campaign for voluntary donation of blood for typization also took place. A great number of actors and Croatian National Theatre employees responded and became potential bone marrow donors.

Dr. Ana Lederer, Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb manager said the following for the occasion: “We are exceptionally pleased to join this commendable campaign and I am especially proud of HNK employees who entered into bone marrow Registry.”

During passed months, Ana Rukavina Foundation organized a number of successful campaigns and attracted great number of people with good will. That’s how the number of potential donors entered in the first Croatian Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors raised from 150 9826.
“Ana Rukavina Foundation is making great efforts to inform and show the public the importance of expanding the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors. We firmly believe that there will be 10.000 potential donors registered in the Registry by the end of this year, which will increase the possibility to find a matching donor. We cordially thank to all Croatian National Theatres showing good will and waiving the show profits in order to help the Foundation and the accomplishment of its noble cause”, said Tome Lučić, president of Leukemia and lymphoma Association in the name of the Foundation.

The Foundation is inviting the citizens to visit Croatian national Theatres in Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Varaždin and Osijek on Wednesday and support the work of Ana Rukavina Foundation by buying a ticket.

Press conference was held in the lobby of HNK (1st floor) on February 19th 2007 at 12 o’clock.

As always, Ana’s colleagues responded to invitation in a great number.
Marija Rukavina, Tome Lučić and representatives of all Croatian National Theatres (HNK) shortly spoke to the press.
During and after the press conference, HNK Zagreb employees were giving blood samples for typization.

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