Towns of Dugo Selo and Sveti Ivan Zelina help the Foundation

At the press conference held earlier today in City Hall in Dugo Selo, Mayor Vlado Kruhak informed the Foundation’s representatives of the decision regarding the allocation of financial support in the amount of 20,000 kuna.

In this way the town of Dugo Selo gave its support to the action “Brave Heart of Zagreb Ring”, the aim of which is to involve all of the towns that form a ring around the city of Zagreb in raising funds that will be used to carry out HLA tissue typing of collected blood samples from potential bone marrow and stem cell donors.

Support for this action was also given by the town Sveti Ivan Zelina with a donation of 5,000 kn.

“At this Foundation we are very happy about this help as it will allow us to tissue type almost 25 new blood samples, especially since we have implemented new testing methods which are already being used in most countries in the European Union. This has lowered the cost of HLA tissue typing for loci A, B and DRB1 from 1,580 kuna to 1,085 kuna, which is a decrease of 32%,” said Karlo Matić, a member of the Foundation’s Executive Board.

The mayors of Dugo Selo and Sveti Ivan Zelina have agreed to host new actions to join the Registry in their towns in the near future.

We are truly grateful for this support and new hope for life!

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