Valuable donation to the Institute for Infectious Diseases of Children Clinic for Infectious Diseases “Dr. Fran Mihaljević ”

Dear friends, the premises of the Ana Rukavina Foundation have gone through with minor cracks in the walls. These cracks are material in nature and easily repairable. We sincerely sympathize with the great losses of families who lost their loved ones after the earthquake and as a result of the coronavirus.
In February, the Ana Rukavina Foundation held a meeting with the head of the Institute for Infectious Diseases of the Children of the Infectious Diseases Clinic “Dr. Fran Mihaljević “ Ph.D. Goran Tešović to find together a way to improve the quality of treatment of children from all over the Republic of Croatia in the mentioned Clinic. After the meeting, on the proposal of prof. Tešović according to the needs of the Institute for Infectious Diseases of Children and with the Decision of the Management Board of the Ana Rukavina Foundation, it was decided that the Ana Rukavina Foundation will donate to the Institute a new mobile ultrasound device worth 331,650.00 kunas. With the purchase of this valuable device, we desire to help small patients from all over Croatia.
We are also in the process of procuring equipment for other medical facilities and will keep you updated on donated equipment when donations are finalized.
Dear friends, beware and this will also pass, and for now, let’s be responsible and stay home.

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