Zagreb Police Administration

The major event held at the Zagreb Police Administration in order to add names to the Registry of voluntary bone marrow donors has concluded the first round of cooperation between the Ministry of the Interior and the Ana Rukavina Foundation. Today, 139 new donor names have been added to the Registry. Since May 2007, the Ana Rukavina Foundation has gone to a total of 19 Police Administrations throughout our beautiful country and has added almost 3,000 names of the professionals of the Ministry of the Interior to the Registry.

The director of the Foundation, Marija Rukavina, has thanked the Ministry for its cooperation and support which has raised the level of the actions of the Ana Rukavina Foundation: “These actions have not only shown the maturity of the Croatian society, but also the sensitivity of our police who have listened to the needs of those that are suffering and who are often unfairly the targets of the public and media. By cooperating with the Ana Rukavina Foundation they have proven that they are truly good-hearted and dedicated to their primary role – saving lives.”
When we started, there were 150 donors listed in the Registry and today there are 32,180, which makes ours the fastest growing Registry in the world, according to the medical director of the Foundation, Mirando Mrsić, PhD.

During the summer the Ana Rukavina Foundation will suspend all of its actions around the country, except for the raising of funds and tissue typing the samples that have been collected until now as a result of the action “Kuna for a Drop of Life”. We have already tissue typed 4,973 samples and we invite all the citizens to make a donation so we can tissue type as many samples as possible and enter them into the World Registry.

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