40 New Potential Donors and Lecture in the Split Health School

At the campaign for registration in the Croatian Bone Marrow Donor Registry held on 23rd November 2022 in the Split Health School 40 new potential donors joined the Registry.

Assoc. Ph.D.Sc. Esma Čečuk Jeličić, coordinator for cooperation with the Ana Rukavina Foundation from KBC Split and a long-term volunteer of the Foundation, held a lecture on hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, and explained to students and teachers the importance of registration in the Croatian Registry as well as explaining the procedure of donating stem cells.

The lecture was attended by 150 students and about 10 teachers as well as the Dean of the Split Health School, Sanja Perić, professor of pedagogy.

Blood samples were taken by Marijana Gajić, mag. of nursing and Andrea Zec, mag. of nursing, who are both teachers at the School of Health.

The action was prepared and organized by Petra Ognjenović, prof. of psychology and Katija Biskupović, MD, also a teacher at the School.

Matea Tarabene, mag. biol., also helped greatly by filling application forms and storing blood samples.

We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts, because without their selfless involvement the Foundation would not have fulfilled its purpose to such an extent. Also, a big thank you to the students of the Split Health School for their decision to give someone a chance to live by entering the Croatian register, and to doctors and nurses involved. Lastly, we are very grateful to our long-time volunteer and the heart of the Ana Rukavina Foundation Assoc. Ph.D.Sc. Esma Čečuk Jeličić.

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