IN MEMORIAM ANA RUKAVINA ERCEG – 26.11.2006.-26.11.2022.

It has been 16 years since you left us, Ana. That Sunday morning, even though you were courageous, bold and hungry for life, your tired body needed to rest after what it has been through. Your words motivated us to start fulfilling your vision and thanks to your wish, as many as 159 people were given a chance to live.

Photo: Ratko Mavar

The development of the Croatian Bone Marrow Registry and the Umbilical Cord Blood Bank would not be as successful if it weren’t for you! We remember you on this day because your energy and determination started an avalanche of good deeds and gave patients greater chances of survival, which wasn’t possible before you came along.

Thank you Ana for creating a world of kindness that Croatia has not seen before you. You will always remain in our hearts and thoughts!

Rest in peace

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