81 new potential donors join the Registry at the action in Novska

On Wednesday, May 14th, at the action held in Novska, a total of 81 potential donors joined the Registry of voluntary hematopoietic stem cell donors.

By donating blood at the action which the Ana Rukavina Foundation organized at the request of Mrs. Mirjana Ciboci and the Novska Police Department, the citizens of Novska increased the chances for life of those who are severely ill. We would like to point out that Mrs. Mirjana Ciboci is also a donor and her hematopoietic stem cells were given to a man in the Czech Republic.

We would like to thank the Novska Police Department, as well as Mrs. Mirjana Ciboci, for helping us organize the 246th action to join the Registry. Based on her experience, Mrs. Ciboci showed us how the cure for those suffering is in each and every one of us and by participating in the actions to join the Registry you increase the chances for life of those who are severely ill around the world.

We are extremely grateful to Novska and all the newly listed potential donors.

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