Anja’s Victory

Dear friends, with pride and joy, we share with you a great success of our dear Anja Babić, who had recently fought with leukemia and won. In honor of overcoming this serious illness, Anja swam 2.2 kilometers last weekend at the humanitarian swimming event “On the other side with a smile on the face”, organized by the Dlan-o-dlan, a  communication support development association, from the point of Čiovo to the Institute for oceanography and fishing at Marjan.
The aims of this event, as the organizers emphasize, were to bring the community together, to socialize and share mutual support, to show that in communion everyone has the opportunity to reach the other coast, support the children with special needs and their families, move the personal boundaries and most importantly, show that no one is really alone.
With this great personal venture, Anja showed her winning spirit and said, “With this I fulfilled a long-standing wish and swam for all who struggle with leukemia to motivate them, give hope and show that it can be done.”
Anja’s positive spirit is a great motivation for us as well and we sincerely congratulate her on this great and noble victory for all the fighters, big and small.

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