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World Marrow Donor Day

Dear friends, World Marrow Donor Day is celebrated every third Saturday in September, with the aim of giving thanks to all donors and potential donors around the world who help people with illness to get their chance to live, and raise awareness of the importance of enrollment in the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry with which we can save someone’s life.

Since the beginning of Ana Rukavina foundation, 60,250 new potential donors have been enrolled into the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry, of which 55,324 samples were HLA typed. According to the reports of Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide for 2014. (last available data), Croatia is on the 11th place in the world in number of donors per capita. Also, Croatia is on the 8th place in the world in number of doses of blood and umbilical cord (3,387 doses) per capita stored in Ana Rukavina’s Public Cord Blood Bank.

95 noble people who have joined the Registry since 2006. so that they could help the ones in need, has answered the call to give other people a chance to live. 64 transplants gave hope to sick people in Croatia, while 31 of them were from abroad.

Because of their courage, unselfishness and a big heart, 95 people, heroes and heroines from the Croatian Bone Marrow Donors Registry, gave a hand of salvation to 95 people and their families from Croatia and abroad.

We thank them from the bottom of our heart.

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