Humanitarian auction and a concert in Macao club

Humanitarian auction and a concert for Ana in Jarun in Zagreb. An auction of fashion accessories of well known designers and concert of Maja Šuput, Lana Klingor and group Chante took place in Jarun’s Macao club.

Tihomir Krznarić, Iva Tuđa, Hippy Garden, Amarie, Ivica Skoko, Robert Sever, Ingrid Wintage, Igle, Ivana Popović and Budoar donated their designs for the auction.

Here is how INDEX reported about the action:
HUMANITARIAN campaign launched after premature death of Vjesnik’s journalist Ana Rukavina, already attracted many stars. On Wednesday evening, singers Maja Šuput and Lana Klingor joined in and sang in Jarun’s club Macao while promoting Croatian’s Band Aid song and video “I want Life”. Same of most famous Croatian designers offered fashion items for the auction. Host of the evening was Iva Jerković, while famous models like Fani Stipković, Aleksandra Grdić, Antea Kodžoman, Lorena Čavar and others presented fashion designs.
Although yesterday’s humanitarian campaign didn’t attract great number of people, the organizers can still be pleased because most of the auctioned items (caps, shawls and jewelry donated by Croatian designers like Tihomir Krznarić, Iva Tuđa, Hippy Garden, Ivica Skoko, Robert Sever, Ingrid Wintage, Igle, Amarie, Ivana Popović, Budoar and others) was sold after all.
The worst result in auction had a school bag made by Robert Sever with initial price of 2000 kunas. Noone was ready to pay so much for a bag with signature (not even for charity), but the champagne in ex-Miss Croatia’s hands, Aleksandra Grdić, was sold for four digit amount – thousand kunas. Besides Lana Klingor who sang for little number of gathered people a song from her first independent album, “Love, music, I”, Maja Šuput also performed. There are rumors that she ended a year and a half long relationship with concert organizer, Marko Perica. Usually always fidgety Maja was more reserved this time, but she didn’t try to deny whether the rumors about the breakup are true or not. Maja dedicated a song “I don’t have the one I love the most” to all unhappy women.
If you would like to participate in the newly founded Ana Rukavina Foundation humanitarian campaign, don’t miss big humanitarian concert “I want Life”, which will take place on Thursday, December 21st on Zagreb’s Ban Jelačić square beginning at 8 p.m. Vanna, Ivana Banfić, Lana Jurčević, Massimo, Aki Rahimovski, Hari Rončević, E.T., Dino Dvornik, Elemental, Raspashow, Ramirez, Batida, Goran Karan, Ivana and Marija Husar and many others are to perform at the concert.
Here you can view a photo gallery of auctioned fashion accessories made by famous Croatian designers.

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