HAU – Split Award

The Croatian Academic Society (HAU) Split – Man Above All granted the award “Person of the Dialogue – Person of the Year 2007” to the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

The HAU Split – Man Above All recognition has been given out since 1995 in order to promote the spirit of tolerance and the ideas of freedom and dialogue among equals, as essential preconditions for the building of civil society in Croatia. Until now, some of the other recipients of this recognition have been Ivan Supek, Ševko Omerbašić, the XIV Dalai Lama, and Sister Elvira.

For the first time since its installation, the award has been bestowed upon a legal person – Ana Rukavina Foundation.

“Ana is not with us, but the Ana Rukavina Foundation is an indisputable living organism. With the awarding of the recognition “Person of the Dialogue – Person of the Year”, HAU Split – Man Above All bestows that recognition upon every member of the Foundation who is wittingly subscribed to serve other people, especially in the moments they are the neediest. Thanks to the activities of the Foundation, the so much needed dialogue of love has indeed taken place between people of different ages, different social positions, different points of view and nationalities,” as stated in the announcement by the president of the Society, Don Ivan Grubišić, Ph.D.

On behalf of the Ana Rukavina Foundation and in the name of all the potential bone marrow and stem cell donors, from the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank the “HAU Split – Man Above All” for recognizing our work with this valuable award.

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