Three successful days of “Kuna for a Drop of Life” campaign

Our new campaign, “Kuna for a Drop of Life” which is aimed at raising funds for tissue typing collected blood samples, has marked three very successful days:

Volkswagen’s gala dinner and donation to the Foundation
Volkswagen’s gala dinner was held on March 26, 2008. At the end of the unique program and show of VW’s models, a VW POLO was donated to our Foundation. This generous gift from PZ Auto and Volkswagen, a beautiful white Polo with the Foundation’s logo, will make us more mobile and effective in the organization of our events to add names of voluntary bone marrow donors to the Registry.

Concert “For Ana’s Birthday”
The humanitarian concert “For Ana’s Birthday” featuring Dražen Zečić, was held in the full hall of the Central Hotel in Osijek on March 27, 2008. This was the second year in a row in which the city of Osijek organized a concert in honor of our Ana’s birthday. As Osijek is the city with the highest number of voluntary bone marrow donors listed in the Registry, it is no wonder that the citizens did their best to participate and in this way contributed to the tissue typing of the collected samples. From our hearts, we would like to thank the organizers of the concert, Gradski Radio Osijek, Dražen Zečić, and all those that visited and contributed to the Foundation.

Humanitarian auction of artistic work
A humanitarian auction of artistic paintings was held on March 28, 2008 in the Mimara Museum. Ana’s mother, Marija, called the event an “auction of pride, sorrow and joy” because it would have been Ana’s 31st birthday. Among the very rich offer of 64 works of art by different authors, the greatest contribution was made by Mr. Boris Milčić and his wife Iva. They donated a private collection of 18 artistic paintings to the Foundation. Mr. Milčić himself suffered from leukemia and had a very difficult struggle with the sickness, which motivated him in this human gesture. We are especially grateful to our great benefactor Mayor Milan Bandić, who supports the work of our Foundation and all the events we organize. Unfortunately, despite the number of people who promised to come, the turnout did not meet the expectations. There were just 20 people bidding and we only raised 51,000 Kuna for tissue typing.

A surprise at the auction was organized by journalists from Cosmopolitan, Slavica Josipović and Rujana Jeger. On the occasion of a decade of Cosmo, instead of having a glamorous party, they decided to donate 50,000 Kuna to the Foundation. We would like to say a great big THANK YOU to our dear Cosmo. With the 101,000 Kuna that was raised we will be able to tissue type 101 blood samples, with the great hope that among them will be those that will save someone’s life.
To help the action “Kuna for a Drop of Life” you can contribute and call our humanitarian hotline number 060 9005 (with each call you donate 5 Kuna + VAT). Calls can be made from all fixed and mobile networks, except the T-Mobile network, which for the first time did not support our action.
Thank you for your call!

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