The 60 thousandth donor has joined the Croatian Registry!

Dear friends, during the action in Split, 81 potential donors have joined the Croatian Registry of voluntary donors of bloodstream stem cells.

On this occasion, the twenty-year-old Anđela Vranješ has joined as our 60 thousandth donor in the Croatian registry.

“Personal experience encouraged me to join the Croatian Registry today. I will be happy if they invite me to help someone and, hopefully, save a life, “Angela told us, to whom we are grateful for joining us.

Today’s action was held under the patronage of the City of Split, with the help of the initiative of Mrs. Anita Martinović-Vranješ and Dr. Krešimir Čaljkušić and with the support of the University Hospital Centre Split.

Many thanks to all the potential donors who have joined us today, the loving organizers, the University Hospital Centre Split and the City of Split for the patronage.

When we, eleven years ago, founded the Ana Rukavina Foundation, we did not even dream that from the initial 150 potential donors we would reach 60,000 people who have selflessly enrolled in the Croatian Registry to help the patients in Croatia and the world find their matching donor and get the chance for healing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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