Karlovac: 87 new donors join the Croatian Registry

The action in Karlovac was organized by the members of the Karlovac County HDZ Women’s Association “Katarina Zrinska”. They were led by their wonderful president, Nada Murganić, who delighted us with her optimism, cheerfulness and spontaneity. The event was a perfect example of what happens when women take matters into their own hands (no offense to all of the male organizers!). The women predicted and planned every single detail of the event. Karlovac was covered in posters and the radio station broadcast live during the entire event and invited the citizens to come out and show their support. All of the donors were given refreshments, such as tea, croissants, strudel… Of course, we are extremely grateful to all the donators, volunteers, nurses, doctors and the Red Cross for all their help with organizing the action, taking blood samples and informing the citizens.

We would especially like to thank our Maša Podkrajac, the organizer of the first action that was held in Karlovac at the beginning of 2007, for also making a valuable contribution to the organization of this action.

Thank you to all the dear people who have joined the Registry with the desire to share a part of themselves to save someone’s life!

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