Neki Novi Klinci perform to benefit the Ana Rukavina Foundation

Neki Novi Klinci (Some New Kids) – a band that plays tribute to Đorđe Balašević by performing the music of the most popular singer-songwriter in this region, will play at the IN BAR near the Sava River, Jarunska 5, on November 19, 2009. The proceeds from the performance will go to benefit the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

The group, which is made up of seven friends who enjoy playing compositions by singer-songwriter Đorđe Balašević, has decided to perform for a noble cause and donate the proceeds from their performance to help the Foundation.

“It’s a fact that we perform the music of the most popular singer-songwriter in this region, and now we would like to put that towards a good cause. Individually, maybe we can’t do much, but all together we can make a difference! Since we have already been blessed with the good fortune of every month gathering a few hundred of Đole’s fans in the club near the Sava, we have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Ana Rukavina Foundation,” announced the band members.

Instead of the current ticket price of 20 kuna to enter the club, guests will now have to pay 30 kuna, from which a portion will be donated to the Ana Rukavina Foundation to tissue type the already collected blood samples from those who have joined the Croatian Registry of voluntary bone marrow and stem cell donors. The band goes on at the IN BAR at 9 PM.
Don’t miss the best party in town and THANK YOU for helping the work of the Foundation!

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