Varaždin Sings with Love for our Ana

A charity concert will take place on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 at 7 PM in Varaždin at the Erdödy Palace Music School, Kapucinski Square 8/I. The event will also include the release of the CD “Varaždin My Dear” by Varaždin native, Ružica Juras and dedicated to Ana Rukavina.

The Varaždin Literary Society, the Matica Hrvatska – Varaždin branch and the Music School of Varaždin would like to invite you to this concert featuring the following musicians: Sofija Cingula, Dorotea Iličić, Blanka Tkalčić Breglec, Valentina Geci, Silvija Novak, Dragica Trstenjak, Ivanka Lakatoš, Iva Kruljac, Emilija Habulin, Marta Mesarić and Tihana Družević, as well as Professor Ivan Mežnarić as composer and soloist.
The admission is free and the purchase of the CD will benefit the further work of the Ana Rukavina Foundation.

With all our heart, we would like to thank Mrs. Ružica Juras for this humanitarian gesture and her desire to make a contribution to the Ana Rukavina Foundation, and in the words of Mrs. Juras, “to open many sleeping hearts and awaken the need to help others, because one day we may need that kind of help ourselves”.

RUŽICA JURAS was born on March 10, 1927 in Varaždin. She was the co-founder and long time secretary of the August Šenoa Writer’s Society in Zagreb. In 1994 she participated in the establishment of the Varaždin Literary Society. She is the recipient of a number of recognitions and awards. Her poems have been set to music and have been performed at festivals in Varaždin, Zagreb and elsewhere. She has published five books of poems until now, and her poetry has been translated into English and Slovenian.

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